“Delicious food, locally sourced or foraged, simply super.  Barney is a super chef who really knows his food and is passionate about where it comes from”

Mrs. Cullis

“Simple food, but packed with excellent ingredients and flavour which is absolutely the perfect combination.”


“Really delicious home-cooked food – the veggie option was amazing and my child loved it too as she had seconds!”


“The starter (spanakopita) was original and delicious, made with locally foraged nettles and served with a fresh and light tsatsiki.  The main, Stefado with orzo was rich, velvety and herbed to perfection.  Totally surprising and leaving us wanting more.”


“Absolutely Brilliant Food, Would Definitely Recommend”


“Experienced a Thali at SEitD festival. Best Thali I’ve had outside of India (and better than most I’ve had in India). You could taste the difference between dishes and also taste the spices, ingredients etc. Absolutely lovely thank you.”


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